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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 29, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. we have surveillance video of a shooting of eight people including a one-year-old child. they did get a last minute reprieve from the court, we will tell you about the ongoing legal battle between the city and the casino. there is no rain in the forecast but there are two things that will draw your attention, one is fog and the other thing, we will talk about that coming up. what protesters are planning at frank ogawa plaza this morning. ktvu channel 2 news continues.
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well,good morning to you. welcome to tuesday november 2 theth. i am -- november 29th, i am dave clark. >> what is going on steve? >> well we have coastal fog and some of it is so thick that visibility is zero and we will have an advisory until at least 9:00. higher clouds are gone so that helps, 60s for some but 50s for others, here is tara. yes, steve that heavy fog advisory in effect for bay bridge as well as other spans. again the fog is causing major problems for drivers, so make sure you take it slowly, 6:01 let's get back to the desk.
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police are questioning several suspects in a mass shooting. there are eight victims including a one-year-old boy. ktvu channel 2 news' paul chambers has the chilling surveillance video of the crime in progress, he is in front of the police headquarters, paul? >> reporter: good morning, pam, we tried to contact investigators and we know three people are questioning suspects in connection with this and we know about that surveillance video they are currently reviewing. it shows three people wearing hoodies-walk up before turning and walking away. it all happened at the intersection of 7th and willow street on interstate 880. it may have been a video for some local wrapper who was not injured and tweeted there was not a music video taking place.
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however the man's name on the van has several gunshots in it. all the people who were shot found their own way to nearby hospitals and police say there were at least six shooters and at least 50 shots evidenced by bullet markers in the area. neighbors are saying this area gets their share of police calls. >> my husband called the police department and a few minutes after that we heard gunshots. a lot of times it is a lot of love stuff and people acting stupid over there. >> the gunshots shattered windows and one stray bullet could have hurt many people. of course we will stay on top of this and if we fine any new information, we will bring it to you, live in oakland paul
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chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. they are looking into a mission shooting at a bus shelter. a 41-year-old man was wounded while waiting for a bus. now he is expected to survive and police arrested the suspected gunman after a foot chase but it is still not clear what led up to the shooting. the canyon has an uncertain future, allie rasmus joins us live with all the details of the despite, is it is not over yet, allie? >> reporter: no, it is not over and the dispute is over taxes whether the city can charge a $2 entrance fee for every patron that walks into this card room. the owners say no, it is not a fair tax but the city said they could use the revenue, an
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amount the city has greatly over estimated but they pointed out it is a tax voters approved earlier this year but card room owners are suing them because they say that $2 entrance tax is illegal. >> why won they add an extra fee every time you go to save way or starbucks, why not add an extra fee every time you go to the gas station. this is about taxation and it is completely unfair,. >> they responded by filing criminal charges for not paying the tax and they were in danger of losing their business lice since and some -- license and some of the workers were worried about losing their jobs. both sides are said to meet in court next week to agree on some sort of settlement.
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allie rasmus, 6:05 ktvu channel 2 news. they just announced chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. they are filing the range result i is -- bank run i in order to reorganize -- bankruptcy in order to reorganize and stay competitive. they did not file after the 2001 terror attacks and others returned to profitability in the past two years. throughout the process, both american airlines say they expect to fly normal skids with the current tickets and frequently maintain frequent flier programs. what you are buying online may not be the real thick. fbi officers put this on three
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websites known to be selling fake merchandise. we will have a live report from our washington d.c. room on how some of those websites have been taken off line by the crackdown. occupied protesters will go back to frank ogawa plaza today angina 24 hour vigil. organizers will set up symbolic structures like a teepee but they tonight plan on sleeping with them. he said they will not allow even one tent to go back up. and outside santa rosa's city hall, one week ago they evicted several protesters who did not have permits. those with permits were allowed to stay but must leave by tomorrow's deadline. organizers are reportedly planning a reoccupation. they have called off that
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search for a missing paddle border. ruiz went out into the ocean alone near the harbor and never came back to shore. the coast guard launched an extensive sea search for over 25 hours but still no sign of the missing man. they will discuss the future of broadway plaza. the company who owns the propmore retail space, as much as 300,000 square feet. it will also include more housing units and no discuss is expected until after. tara, we are dealing with it again. >> we are, he said yesterday it was the same story but did not burn off until 11:00.
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traffic 101 northport near the airport, chp does not give us anymore details than that but we will keep an eye on it. and a vehicle possibly off the road there. heavy fog advisory and the metering lights should be going on at any minute. golden gate bridge and san mateo bridge is under an advisory and you can't see much and again that is because of that darn fog, here is steve. >> how do we know that is 280 and san jose? >> i guess you don't, you will have to take my word for it, steve? dense fog rice are you until at least 9:00 and they may extend it until a little later. santa rosa is in there, napa,
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concord, livermore, a lot of 30s stuck in the fog, it is just so thick you can't even see across the street. fog sun, 59, that is a cautious 59 and that will be the third day in a row. once we get through this fog pattern it will change and that will move into southern nevada and give us an extremely windy pattern as we head towards thursday. it is not going anywhere and the coastal fog looks like it will hang tough. if it is clear, we have colder lows. we lost those clouds and those patterns, it is a dry pattern and it will be extremely windy on thursday. 50s and 60s and again if the fog sticks around, 50s. clearing on wednesday, here
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comes the wind, winds warnings are -- wind warnings are posted, some of the higher elevations, breezy and things calm down over the weekend. talking about how pg&e is trying to prevent limbs from falling. for the first time we are hearing 911 calls after a plane crash in arizona. >> the mountain is on fire , yes, its. >> what witnesses saw after that crash. the soccer team may have a new home, soon, today they will start selling some very good seats.
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. a plane flew over us and it just burst into flames and the mountain is on fire. >> now six people were killed in that fiery crash last wednesday including a father and three small children. radar shows the pilot flew right into that rugged terrain. they are expecting a report in a few days. allison burns reports, the
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feds have seized hundreds of websites selling counterfeit products. >> reporter: if you chick on one of the websites you will not see something to buy instead you will see three emblems from the agencies who have seized it. we received one and the people running it admit they allow videos to be downloaded illegally. eric holdser will announce at the white house more than 350 domain sites suspected of selling counterfeit goods of selling. most of the sites are operated overseas and the products they sell pose health risks and some of them are ralph loren pole low, and planet and as part of the operation feds
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purchased some of the brand- name products like sports jerseys, handbags and sunglasses and determined they were counterfeit money products. reporting live allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. well the forces in u.s. afghanistan will decrease the number of troops by 40,000. now the u.s. is pulling out the most troops, 33,000 but all foreign troops are scheduled to leave 2014. some afghans are concerned the country will plunge into civil war once forces go home. a funeral will take place tomorrow for 19-year-old joshua coral. he is the danville marine and travis air force base received his body as a procession proceeded to danville. once they got into town family friends, students teachers
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faculty members all lined the streets paying respects. a motorcade also drove passed the high school which is where he graduated just a year ago. >> josh was one of those kids who his teachers adored. he was a spit fire and a ready smile... >> coral was killed on november 18th during his first tour of duty in afghanistan. and a san jose guard man killed in afghanistan died from injuries during combat operations. his body will arrive at move fit field tomorrow afternoon. a public funeral service will be held saturday afternoon in saratoga. they have a chance to fight proposed water hikes, they want
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to increase residential prices by more than 30% in 2013. the average bill which is now $61 will jump in 2013 and almost $2 more in 2015. commercial industrial rates will also go up and there is a hearing tonight at the community center which starts at 6:00 p.m. >> the san jose websites will begin sell luxury sites. the plans have not been approved yet but it will sit on 14 acres right across from the airport. the 12 luxury sweets on right on the field. each has couches, a bar and catered food and it costs, about $350,000 for a five-year contract. >> tara moriarty is in for sal,
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what are you talking about? >> there are fender benders, many of these incidents are due to fog. from 101 to the county line, be aware there is heavy fog. and we have one serving and in out on 237 westbound at north what tilt do avenue. -- matilda do avenue. we have not been able to see much, it has been pitch black but under a heavy fog advisory with several other bridges including the bay bridge, those metering lights should be coming on and sometimes it is slow to indicate that but i believe the metering lights are on and look at that backup it is very congested. also advisories for the san mateo and golden gate bridge dumbarton bridges. above it is clear, we had a
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lot of high clouds which did not clear, north bay had some sun and some of that made it to a few areas, but temperatures held in check. we have the fog but not the higher clouds. coast and inland, you can see the inland fog just had a nice tweet from kraig saying it's really thick over here so a double wham my, 30s and 40s on the temperatures, it is cold, i tell you it is cold outside and it will be because some of those areas are clear. again i have to protest the forecasted highs. clearing, we focus our attention not on fog but on wind and it will be extremely windy but probably for everybody and the up side it will get rid of the fog but
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downside it will cause damage to trees. let's hope it's not as strong as it is anticipated to be. and thursday, hoe hum pattern, no rain in sight. they stopped the practice after getting a phone call, the mall planned to continue tracking customers through new year's day. the only way to opt out was to actually turn off their phones. they say malls should have given the shoppers to opt in and calls it a violation of privacy. ratings will be similar to those on video games and it could be e-for everyone and t- for teens meaning suitable for teens 13 years or older. if an app connects to social
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networking sites, the ratings will go into effect next year and will be used by sprint t- mobile and microsoft. what police are still investigating this morning... obviously, these numbers are huge -- >> that is the attorney for his client who says they have big plans for their winnings. if i can take classes year round
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. some issues on the roadways, this is a look at lafayette, both are headed to the tunnel and no problems to report. up next, we have a look at -- let's take a look at, what should we look at? okay, i guess that is all we will look at. heavy fog out there so make sure you take it slowly on the roadways, let's head back to the desk. santa rosa police are investigating a crash that killed a bicyclist. it happened at 6:45 last night and the unidentified man died at the scene. one vehicle involved at the scene did stop but a second
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vehicle may also be involved in the crash. police are searching for that car and the driver. if you have any information call the police. a man they deliberately rundown an iraq war veteran. they arrested a man at a gas station on gary boulevard. the man and bartel fought inside that restaurant and it is believed he was driving a mazda cx with custom spoke rims. to get a closer look, click on the hit-and-run which is at the top of the page for more information. a warning, tuition may go up again... >> this is what democracy looks
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like... >> reporter: protesters accused the regents of being part of the so called 1 percent, protesters asked them to make well,the-year-old to pay more taxes and it includes a $400 million shortfall. and they say it could rise again if they on it make up the dips. they finally came forward and three will take home $103 million after taxes from a single powerball ticket. they say it took them this long it figure out -- to figure out what they wanted to do with the money and they say most of it will go to charity and a lot of people will benefit from their winnings. eight people are wounded in west oakland, a baby boy is
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among one of the victims. also, still facing a very uncertain future. and the bell is about to ring on wall street, pam will bring you the early stock numbers. @
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news morning news, there is the live opening bell this morning and there on the left-hand side of the screen you are seeing the flag of israel because it is israel day and the friendship league are discussing partnerships and talking about creating jobs in both countries and that's something a lot of people are interested in. it looks like we'll see a little bit of an up side chin
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that happens we will -- up side and when that happens we will say good morning. >> good morning, i am pam cook, it is now 6:30. oakland police are out there questioning several possible suspects after a mass shooting. there are eight victims including a one-year-old boy. paul chambers has chilling surveillance video and paul is live outside police headquarters, paul? >> reporter: police are saying this was a music video gone back but the artist says it's not true. we have been monitoring his twitter accountant was actually his cousin who was injured and a lot of people were very worried. >> my us pan called the police department and after that we heard all those gunshots. >> now those shots may have been from this tape.
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take a listen for your self. it happened around 6:00 last night at the intersection of 7th and willow street near intersection 880 and the crowd who may have been drinking were involved in some sort of music video for the wrapper who was not injured and tweeted there was no music video taking place. however a van with his name on it, had several gunshots in it but people were in and near the van itself and the people who were shot took themselves to nearby hospitals. at least 6 people were shot, there were dozens of bullet markers in the area and i get a lot of calls from it. a lot of times this is a lot of love stuff and people acting stupid over there. >> reporter: now people had to
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take cover when gunshots erupted and we put a call into the oakland police department to see if they have anymore information and we will bring it to you as soon as we have been updated. the one-year-old boy underwent brain surgery late last night after being shot in the head. ktvu channel 2 news will have an update on the little boy's condition in just about ten minutes. they are searching for the man who shot and injured a man overnight. he had been shot several times and was tang to the hospital where we understand he is being treated for injuries that are not life-threatening.
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so far no arrests have been made. ktvu channel 2 news' allie rasmus joins us to explain the ongoing battle, allie? >> reporter: well the owners of this card room and casino say it could have an effect on all types of businesses not just casinos and card rooms like this one but it comes down to saying they can charge a $2 tax for every customer who comes through the door, there is about a couple dozen people out here. but a lot of people say it's not fair. it singles out this business but the city could use the revenue. they estimate they would generate $700,000 the casino says it is over. voters approved it earlier and
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they are challenging the city in court suing them on the grounds that that $2 entrance tax is not legal. >> the city is trying to budget their backs on the -- budget themselves on the backs of my business. they did research on wick media. they responded by filing criminal charges for not paying the tax. the casino was in danger of losing its license. potential sides are said to meet in court next week. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. your time now, the man used of kill james cap pooh will be pack in court this morning. he is accused of the november
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17th shooting death of the officer and has been held without bail at the county jail. his funeral is scheduled for tomorrow at the high school. yesterday this special american flag was flown in his honor. the honor guard was flown at the airport and that flag is thrown at ground zero in new york. it is used to pay tribute to those who died in a line of duty. they are being called to discuss the person spraying of students -- discuss the pepper spraying of students. video shows the campus police pepper spraying the students as they sat peacefully on the ground. the incident is under investigation. san leandro police released new information about last
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week's shooting of a black friday shopper. hours before dawn, right outside the wal-mart, a man in his $20 was critically wounded during a struggle with his would be robbers. police did arrest one suspect shortly after the shooting and they have been looking for two others suspects as well as a weapon. and police say a woman who used plaque friday evaluate may have done it in several tee fence. they are looking to talk even more, two groups of shoppers are looking to get to a tore get, did not answer police questions and she was later released. >> tara moriarty in for sal, you are watching a few things in the east bay, right?
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that is right, if you want to take a look, we can show you what we are talking about. we have a disabled vehicle northbound on canyon road and it has been there for a quite a while. 580 west castro boulevard and 880 southbound and that other indicater, that is because of the past couldn'ts. we do have a fog advisory in effect for the golden gate bridge and the dumbarton bridges. if you look at those metering lights on you will have to go slower than you normally do, definitely lower than the 50 miles per hours and here is steve. we have clear skies above, that is not something we had
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yesterday, that was cloudy for the lodgest time and it helps temperatures in check. down below, this is is one on the coast and coming east to west. you can watch it disappear all the way down to southern california so it will allow us to burn off the fog sooner. if you can burn it off you will be stuck in the 50s. lows drop to the 30s and 40s, clouds are coming into fairfield with a 16th amount of visibility. clouds and fog caused reduced visibility today and it is a cautious 59 and a lot of low clouds on the coast which this time of year you say goodbye. the fog is not going to affect us. but it is hard to escape but
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there are pockets that are clear and when it is clear it's colder it dense fog reece are you probably extends parts of it. no rain in sight for the longest time, windy starts wednesday into thursday. highs 50s and 60s again and again i have to brush the forecasted highs. clearing and winds start wednesday night and thursday, get ready because as everything falls together, breezy friday and mostly sunny. another damaging accusation for herman cane. >> it was not complicated, i was aware he was not married and he is coming forward with a
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presidential candidate. what children's hospital is saying about the condition of a one-year-old boy shot in the head. traffic is getting congested, highway 4 bay point, you can see the fog advisories coming up.
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. well,good morning to you, welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the top stories
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we are following, american airlines parent company seeking chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, they are trying to take away massive built up debt and americans said they will continue normal flight service during this reorganization. occupied protesters plan to go back to frank ogawa plaza in oakland today. you are looking at a video shot in the last hour of a few protesters sleeping on the edge with sleeping bags and they plan to erect a structure such axle a teepee. da -- such as a teepee. and a mass shooting including a one-year-old boy listed in critical condition. we have a very chilling surveillance tape of last night's shooting and kraig debro joins us outside oakland hospital where doctors are treating that little boy,
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kraig? >> reporter: good morning i just spoke to a woman who said she is the little boy's cousin and i did speak to a spokesperson for the hospital and they said they could tell me nothing about the boy or his condition. eight people at two different hospitals because of the shooting and because the cousin also said the boy's father was treated for the gunshot wound has been released from that hospital, friends and relatives have been gathered following the shooting of this one -- have been gathered following the shooting of this one-year- old boy who underwent surgery to relieve swelling on the brain. even those who are not related to the family feel the mother's pain. >> the mother is really hurt, it is her family, she is tore up, you know have some respect
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for other people's lives, it is just terrible. >> reporter: yes, you are looking at a van that belongs to the wrapper and it is said the shooting took place at or near a music video that was made on his behalf. he has a facebook page and he says he was not there last night and that the child is his cousin. police went over that van and several people in the van went over to drive it to hyland hospital and some of the people were wounded as well. again, we are trying to reach police and the hospital and the family to get more details right now with that little boy. kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. ginger white said she had an affair with herman cane
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before he started his presidential bid for the nomination. he denies it saying he knows her but that he was only trying to help her financially. >> i didn't want to do this but it was something i felt at the end of the day is it going to hurt a lot of people? yes, and i'm sure i will be one of them. >> the thing i am worried about is how it will affect my family because they should not be subjected to false accusations. the oakland man who claimed he was beaten by four current bart police officers goes back on the witness stand. his testimony began yesterday. he said the officer threw him
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to the ground while four other bart police officers punched and kicked him. now it opened six weeks before the fatal shooting of oscar grant. well it is a whole new way to feed the parking meteorologist. this is just around the corner and that story is coming up on mornings on 2 at 7:07. >> now we've got to get you to where you need to go and tara is working in the fog. >> that's right, you can't see is a thing -- you can't see a thing, highway 4, this is a live picture roaring in over the past half hour. traffic westbound slow going and a fog advisory is in effect for contra coster county -- contra coster county. and a fog advisory in effect for san mateo and golden gate
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bridge as well as the dumbarton bridges. 20 minute delay over the span this morning and we are losing our picture there, sorry folks and again chp is out, saw several police officers along the span this morning. make sure you drive slowly, here is steve. good morning everyone, tara touched on that. well the good news, it is gone. those high clouds prevented us from burning it off and visibility again is just a quarter mile is good. not only inland fog but coastal fog so double whammy, this time of year, i look out 10 or 15 days on the forecast models and there is no rain through december 15th for us.
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they are also in sink for a very strong whipped event and today it -- wind event and today it is the fog. it is cold and damp out there and temperatures today, they don't rebound a little bit, hazy and 50s and 60s of a very light president. our westerly whip on the coast, 30s and 40s there it goes to southern california. the system may give them a dusting of snow and it is bone dry up there and maybe some light rain in southern california thursday and friday. mostly sunny today after the fog. it is cold out there. 50s for highs, or mid-60s really challenging on the
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forecasted high. now we start focusing our attention, things calm down mostly sunny and things are quiet as we go into the weekend. a report released just a few minutes ago unfortunately shows home prices are falling again. it shows prices fell in 17 of the 20 largest cities during september. nationally, atlanta and tampa all posted even bigger drops for the months. the maker of blackberry is look being to dash in. it includes some of its most recent devices including the iphone. it will allow corporate i.t. staff set and monitor rules including passwords apps and software for company owned
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mobile devices. coming up, what vallejo officials found in one student's bag and why they called police. they are making sure the power stays on. (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. you 0 oh he
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. welcome back to the morning news, let's take it live to the
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big board, dow jones industrial average up about 42 points, 43 and 11566 and optimism over some action again once again being taken in europe. we will keep watching the numbers. special ed student from vallejo may be expelled after school officials say he brought an unloaded gun to school. this happened at everest academy. it is a special education school for middle and high school students. students told staff the boy bragged he had the gun in his bag. the student was arrested and booked. san francisco police officers being cited for misconduct. some are being called to testify as witnesses at the
6:56 am
federal attorney's office. they did not confirm or deny the grand jury is investigating alleged misconduct. it all comes after they released several videotapes showing officers illegally entering hotel rooms. michael jackson's doctor will be innocenced after being convicted of involuntary man slaughter. they want the four-year sentence for dr. conrad murray but it may be shortened. he had a ministered the lethal dose in 2009 and herings are expected to be updated on mornings on 2. showing possible signs of trauma according to wildlife officials but the cause of its death is still unknown.
6:57 am
biologists are investigating the possibility that another animal or possibly a ship may have injured that killer whale. pg&e is bracing for windy weather as the storm could cause some power outages. they are doing some tree trimming in business bane. they are forecasted as parts of the bay area and those winds could knock down tree limbs and cause some damage. in some spots the fog seems to have dissipated but in other spots it is worse, the fog is just rolling over and a heavy fog advisory in effect for the golden gate bridge and the dumbarton and san mateo. steve, do you think it might stick around until 11:00? >> for some, it was not the
6:58 am
case yesterday. we start with fog in the morning but all attention takes place during the wind event. there could be gust the with some of the higher elevations but we'll see it thursday and maybe friday. coming up next on mornings on two, eight people gunned down a baby boy, one-year-old among the shooting victims. stay here with us.
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